Car window glass repair near me San Francisco CA, Mobile auto glass repair service in San Mateo CA

Our Duran’s auto glass will quickly repair your damaged auto glass. Even mobile services are available. Our Duran’s auto glass shop is located in San Mateo and Richmond and is served in the Bay Area area, including the San Franciso area. Please contact us now, thank you.

San Francisco CA Auto glass repair
San Francisco CA Auto glass repair

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auto glass repair San Francisco CA

Has the car windscreen been scratched or broken? We will repair it freely. “There is a solution for drivers who are stranded on the freeway and who are struggling with big, small scratches, cracks, and breaks in precious car glass with 20 years of experience in the field of auto glass ‘Duran’s auto glass is the place where drivers with these auto glass problems come in.If you use your car for a long time, small stones, sand, etc. will pop out for these and other reasons, causing chips on the front glass surface. Especially, it is easy to get hurt when you run a large dump truck, and then you run on a city cycle road or a suburban road with good traffic flow. If a scratch occurs, the wiper blade is easily damaged and does not wipe well. Well … I can not help but get rid of this kind of thing, but if the stone breaks and the glass breaks, the problem is very different. It starts from a small, inconspicuous little point at first, and grows into a thin linear or radial shape in a month or two. Because the two or more regions are divided and the amount of force received by each glass is different, the direction of the cracks increases (the effect of tearing the paper with both hands) depending on where the equilibrium point is.

broken windshield window repair in San Francisco CA
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Duran’s auto glass, a long-established tradition, has been developed since the foundation of the automobile glass shop. We also strive to provide better service to our customers online. Duran’s auto glass is always ready to work immediately without any delay in time, such as imported car glass or domestic car glass. We always strive for customer satisfaction and wish you all the best for your unending development and happiness.

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Our Services

Any Glass, Any Vehicle

Whatever your auto glass repair or replacement needs, the experts at Duran’s Auto Glass can help.

If you have a damaged car window, you’ve come to the right place. Duran’s Auto Glass has been in the auto glass business for more than 12 years and provides auto glass repair and replacement hundreds of clients every month.

Heavy Duty Trucks

Duran’s Auto Glass provides windshield repair and replacement for heavy duty trucks, including Mack, Navistar, Freightliner. At Duran’s, we understand that keeping your trucks on the road is the highest priority. That is why we focus to provide the best response time, at the best price, doing the work right the first

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